How To Avoid Plumbing Scams

Plumbing scams are very common. The plumbers take advantage of the fact that you are busy doing other things and is not bothered what is gong on. They know that the only thing you are interested in is to ensure you take care of your plumbing emergencies. Your ignorance of the various repairs and the materials required is advantageous to them. They are aware it is difficult to discover them.

There are various ways of noticing a scam in plumbing and ensuring you avoid it. Some of the tips on how to avoid avoid plumbing scams include:


You may be overcharged because of the rich neighborhood you live in or how you live and not based on the plumbing service being rendered to you. The disadvantage of only considering one plumber is that they may decide to charge you based on the perceived expensive life you are living. This convinces them that you have the ability to pay more than other clients for the same service. To ensure you do not fall prey to such kind of scam, get several plumbers.

Let them quote the cost of doing the repair you require given the best quality of materials you need. Before you contract any of them compare what they are charging.You will definitely notice that there will be some who will quote costs that are unrealistically high. Settle for the one who quotes the most favorable price but still promises to deliver quality work for you.


Ensure that the plumber you settle for have got both the professional skills as well as the required documentation. Demand for a proof that they have been working on such repairs. Let them provide references who can ascertain they do a good job. You can then be opting for this same plumber in case of emergencies. You will be able to shield yourself from being scammed.


These days it is easy to obtain information about plumbing even from reliable internet sources. Let the plumber do a diagnosis of your plumbing problem.Let them then record to you what the problem is and the materials required to rectify the problem and their prices. Do not be in a hurry to pay. The plumber may take advantage of your emergencies and charge you more than what the job actually requires.

To avoid this,do your own independent research to ascertain if the remedy given by the plumber is actually what is required. Go ahead to find out through the various stores if the price your plumber has quoted is the actual market price for the material required. Where you notice an unnecessary inflation in the price, then you have enough evidence that you are being scammed. You can then opt for a different plumber.


There are those plumbers who like giving verbal estimates of how much a plumbing service is likely to cost you without committing themselves in writing. They are likely to start increasing the cost in the middle of the work with the excuse that what they gave was merely an estimate and is subject to changes. These are likely to be scams.

A professional plumber in KL must have worked in various plumbing work and must be able to give a written budget of the various cost involved.

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