The Pros And Cons Of Window Type Air Conditioners

There are many different types of air conditioners that you can get, but you need to understand which type of unit would be best. One type of air conditioner you could get is a window type. These window type units offer a number of advantages and disadvantages that you need to know about.

The Advantages Of Window Air Conditioners

The primary advantage of these air conditioners is that they are very popular. The popularity means that these units are easy to find and there is competition among retailers in regards to the price. If you take the time, you could get the best deal possible.

Window units will generally have a lower noise output compared to other types of units. They are also highly efficient which is ideal for most people. The water from these units will drain to the exterior with no other intervention needed.

A small window unit will be able to cool an area of 100 to 300 square feet. A larger unit will be able to cool rooms of up to 650 square feet. Additionally, if the units are placed correctly and strategically, they could cool more than one room. While the name suggests that these units only fit into windows, they can also be placed in wall holes created for the unit.

The Disadvantages Of Window Air Conditioners

The primary disadvantage of these air conditioners is that once they are placed in the window, the window will be blocked. This can darken rooms which do not have many windows and you need to consider this. These units are also a hassle to move if you would like them in a different room particularly when compared to other portable units.

The water from these units could be dripping somewhere you do not want them to such as onto pedestrians or a metal roof that rusts. It is also important to note that not all windows are able to support these units. You will need to check that your window can hold the unit before you buy them. Additionally, the panels for these units can let in hot air into the room which could make the conditioner less efficient.

If you are concerned with safety, it is important to note that even the best installation could leave your home at risk. While the unit can be secured, there are still ways that they could be vulnerable to attack.

The window units are also not very aesthetically pleasing. This means that you could be lowering the overall appeal of your home if you have these units. Of course, if you are not trying to sell your home, you might not find this to be a problem.

It is important that you understand what the pros and cons are for any air conditioner that you want to get. Window type air conditioners have many benefits, but they also have many drawbacks. For some people, the pros will far outweigh the cons and you need to consider this according to your needs.